Relieve Your Back Pain With a Deep Tissue Body Massage

If you’re familiar with massage therapy, then you probably know that there is quite a variety of different massages. From Swedish to Aroma, Hot Stone to Shiatsu, there are so many to choose from! But, have you ever heard of Deep Tissue Massage?

Back pain is a complaint of 1 in 6 Australians.

If your back is aching, and you just want some relief already, you may want to try Deep Tissue Massage. This type of massage therapy is a method that is focused on working deep layers of the muscles and connective tissue. Here at Gilsan Spa, Portland Oregon, you can choose to have our professional therapist to offer a deep tissue massage as well as the surrounding areas. Here’s how you can benefit from deep tissue massage:

Deep Tissue Massage Relieves Back Muscle Pain

Deep tissue massage involves a lot of force. Whether you have a muscle pull or a serious problem in your back due to incorrect postures, this therapy will infuse blood flow into the muscles, loosen them and thereby release pain and stiffness. There are special benefits for athletes and fitness injuries. When normally pressing feet can also give pain relief so easily, imagine what a strong massage for 10 minutes would do!

Deep Tissue Massage Alleviates Stress

One of the main reasons that people seek a massage therapist is to deal with chronic pain. Athletes, accident victims, office workers and surgical patients all have one thing in common — they tend to live with pain day in and day out. Chronic pain can afflict a person in all of the major muscle groups in the body. Whether your pain occurs in the neck, lower back, joints or the extremities, there is significant clinical evidence that deep tissue massage can help you manage your pain and improve your daily life.

Deep Tissue Massage Improves Your Range of Motion

The cumulative effect of pain relief and relaxation is an improvement in the patient’s range of motion. When you have suffered a sports injury or you have had a surgical procedure, it is likely that you will be stiff and that you will find the movement to be painful. By relaxing the muscles in the pain-stricken area, deep tissue massage can help improve your range of motion, restoring your body to normal functioning more quickly that would happen if you did not have deep tissue massage.

How to Stop Suffering from Back Pain

Here at Gilsan Spa, we offer a broad variety of different massage types. We take pride in being Portland’s best spa destination, a place where you can get away from your busy lifestyle and hone in on total relaxation. To learn more about our massage therapy services, learn more from our services page and give us a call at 503-719-6845.